COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures On-Site

At Kipeto Energy we fully recognise the seriousness of the current global COVID-19 pandemic and
the impact it is having on communities, families, friends, colleagues and businesses around the

We are making it a priority to do all that we can to minimise the risk of the virus spreading
further. While the Government has not requested that we stop work on developing Kipeto Wind
Farm, we are carefully following Government guidelines and have put very strict measures in place
to manage our activities on site to protect our workers and their families:

  1. Hand sanitisers have been provided at all work stations and for all vehicles.
  2. We check temperatures at the gate and ensure everyone wears facemasks to minimise
    possible spread by coughing and face-touching.
  3. We are fumigating the camp every day with disinfectant to optimise sanitation.
  4. We require all staff and workers to work in small groups (maximum 15 people) and to keep
    2m apart.
  5. Any illness is immediately reported and assessed by our on-site doctor and nurse – no one
    can return to work unless confirmed safe to do so by the medical authorities.
  6. We have created an Emergency Preparedness Team who will update our safety procedures
    based on any new information from the Kenyan Government and from the World Health
  7. We are in daily contact with the local Chiefs, our local MP, the Governor’s Office, Kajiado
    County Police and Kenyan Health Department providing updates and reporting on our
    activities and Health and Safety protocols in relation to Covid-19.
    In addition to these measures, no newcomers have been admitted on site since mid-March.
    Since January, anyone travelling from China was kept in Nairobi in strict isolation for 14 days and
    monitored with daily reports. From early March a self- quarantine was implemented to travellers
    from all countries. Only once visitors had been quarantined and showed no symptoms were they
    allowed to proceed to the Kipeto site.
    As soon as positive Covid-19 cases were reported in Kenya, we minimised travel to Nairobi and all
    our site employees who come from other parts of the country were provided with on-site living
    accommodation to reduce their movement and possible exposure from uncontrolled environments.
    We would like to reassure the community that, like you, we are all concerned about the Coronavirus
    pandemic and will continue to follow strict safety guidelines to ensure that it does not come to our
    Kipeto site while we continue to work to establish this landmark project.
    For further information on Covid-19, please refer to the Ministry of Health Guidelines via this link:
    tabia ya kora virus ni nini?
    For UNHCR information please click here:
    Please stay safe.

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