Community Benefits

The Kipeto Wind Power Project is expected to contribute significantly to the Kenyan economy and will stimulate growth in all sectors, adding to the country’s development for Kenya Vision 2030.

Kipeto Wind Energy Limited recognises that the support and co-operation of the local community and county government is key to the success of the project.  KEL aims to provide tangible benefits to the local economy and improve the general welfare of those in the project area. These include:

The availability of jobs for people in the project area

Opportunities for local suppliers and artisans to provide goods and services to the project

Land leases as a source of revenue and long-term income for local landowners

Upgrades to roads

The development of community programmes throughout the project lifecycle to benefit education, health, environment and agriculture.

For added information, visit the IFC’s Community Development site to view a selective group of public documents, tools, case studies, training opportunities, presentations and resources delivering shared value and enhancing benefits to local communities.