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Financial Manager

Reports To: CEO

Main Purpose of Role

Prior to project COD:Working under the supervision of the CEO, manage and report on the financial performance of the project company and all the contracts that have been entered into to construct, operate and finance the wind farm.  Key contracts will include the Power Purchase Agreement, Loan and Equity documents and the performance dimensions of the EPC contract

Following project COD:Accounting and contract management associated with sub-contractors, the PPA and finance agreements including tracking performance against and updating the financial model

Key Main Responsibilities (this list is not exhaustive)

Financial Management:

  • Support to CEO in preparing Annual Operating Plans (AOPs)
  • Ensure compliance with all shareholder, lender and government agreements.
  • Develop a contract management framework to ensure all SPV obligations under relevant contracts are being monitored and complied with
  • Prepare budgets and forecasts, and financial reports for management, shareholders and lenders
  • Monitor performance of the project against the base case financial model and prepare regular updated financial models in accordance with reporting requirements in order to comply with senior loan covenants.
  • Manage relationship with OPIC and the Agent Bank under the financing agreements and preparation of updated disbursement requests, etc
  • Coordinate the draw down of funds from lenders and equity investors
  • Oversight and financial management of all project contracts:

               -  Report to the CEO on progress under relevant contracts

               -  Monitoring of construction budget and contract progress under the EPC contract

               -  Monitoring and reporting on progress under key project sub-contracts (e.g. GE Full Service Agreement, wind forecasting contract, internet and security sub contracts, etc)

  • Establish the community trust and other community initiatives with the Environmental, Social and Governance Manager and co-ordinate the financial management and performance reporting
  • Prepare information for board packs; investor updates, investment committees; project updates and other ad hoc financial reporting information.
  • Treasury and cash management including foreign exchange exposure monitoring.
  • Liaison with and management of service providers. Understand the Service Level Agreements (SLA) that have been negotiated. Monitor delivery per SLA requirements and then ensure payments in line with agreed costs and services.
  • Advise and review finance-related matters (distributions, cash flows, finance issues, technical issues).
  • Working with the Technical Manager to ensure that:

               -  Required financial information is supplied to the technical teams, and to obtain relevant project information that will impact financial status of the companies;

               -  Information required from contractors and advisors under the senior loan agreements is obtained in a timely manner and meets the necessary requirements.

  • Oversight and control of monthly payments to all suppliers and service providers.
  • Source and manage the following systems: GL system, reporting systems, economic development reporting systems, online banking systems and infrastructure.
  • Establish appropriate policies and procedures to ensure that the reporting systems are fit for purpose and are being utilised effectively. 
  • Financial accounting and controls in the finance department.
  • Audit liaison and preparation of annual financial statements.

Tax, Legislative and Statutory:

  • Compliance with tax, legislative and statutory requirements for both the project company and the community trust
  • Prepare and submit tax returns (general income tax, VAT and STC queries).
  • Monthly PAYE submissions, PAYE reconciliation (mid-year and annual).
  • Dealing with general income tax, VAT and STC queries).

Company Secretarial and Regulatory:

  • Interface with and management of company secretarial provider.
  • Ensure compliance with all cosec and defined regulatory requirements notwithstanding that certain functions will be outsourced per SLA.

Economic Development / Community Management:

  • Understand the economic development commitments made and obligations on the companies under the government agreements.
  • Work closely with contractors and suppliers of the companies to ensure that the information required in order to prepare the economic development reports is obtained in a timely manner and meets the necessary requirements.
  • Prepare economic development reports for management, shareholders and lenders.
  • Preparation of economic development forecasts and budgets


  • Communication, esp. relationship management & negotiation
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Decision Making
  • Diversity & Ethical Behaviour
  • Planning & Organizing, with strong project management skills
  • Achievement Focussed
  • Commercial Acumen
  • Transaction Skills
  • Asset Management Skills
  • Financial Modelling / Scheduling
  • People Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Operational expertise

Experience, Knowledge & Qualifications

  • Experience in project accounting
  • Experience of project finance
  • Experience in financial modelling
  • Ability to work with complex contractual frameworks
  • Experience in developing management information systems
  • Project management
  • Relevant accounting/management degree
  • Risk Management & Mitigation
  • In-depth experience of working with lenders, financiers & lawyers in delivering power sector projects
  • Ideally experience in the Kenyan power sector

Resource Management / Dimensions

  • Potentially one accounting clerk and annual audit process


Based at the commercial office – Nairobi Kenya